being spa where you are so a lot of really exciting things are coming your way you guys are number one next week’s video is going to be a pretty big one because not only and you guys gonna get a brand new hostel but we’re also going to give you a triple announcement I want to talk about why we’re on the wrong size as long as he makes me feel a bit seasick speedfit yeah sitting still and there’s no motion makes me feel seasick I’m what are getting a migraine – it is okay we’re sitting on this side because I thought why not change things that I may not want tell the truth three cluster spots right here you could have just shown them out in the last video me it’s not that I have shame it’s just that the triplets aren’t ready to be exposed to the internet yeah okay they have to have consent to unique that what you can do is throw a baby on the internet when you have one so even if you swim Rafi but and it turns out Kalani watched some of our reaction video yeah interesting that’s net and then then I said you want to be besties that’s exactly happened yeah and I saw that really raised at least oh yeah yeah putting on the conversation yeah yeah yeah so it got me thinking Rosie yeah now that we’re you know expanding our friendship group yeah I thought wouldn’t it be cool if you and I put together the ultimate team ten I thought Christmas – it was gay but apparently she’s bi but then on SNL she said I’m gay dude yeah but gala is that an umbrella term yeah I’m confused I’m not ignorant I’m just confused no just no excessive ignorant you just tried it if anything you’re trying to determine her exact sexuality so as not to be a current it’s family I would never want to label anything come on let’s hurry up let’s go for it everyone like bit of controversy don’t think oh why is he looking at me because you’re I’d say at the two of us the mental math I think people think that by I see I don’t cry I’ll be angry forever and hold a grudge and I’ll climb back down and like make up and then you well I don’t raise my voice the only thing I raise is my game you raise the stakes babe yeah if stakes renfa’s voice what i noticed dad Janey doesn’t buy me with boys what does I you didn’t you said I don’t raise my voice I raise the game I ain’t riding what’s wrong the roles are reversed now that we’ve changed positions I’d be the clever one I’m looking at what Kalani said her sexuality is on Twitter she said I’m queer not by not straight I’m attracted to women men really attracted to queer man non-binary people intersex people trans people lil poly pansexual Pappy hello good morning does that answer your question so she’s quiet I like that okay so come on he’s gonna be on our team ten but not just because she’s queer because she’s really cool man cuz she’s an our friend and she’s hot Ruby Rose on the team yeah because we need a DJ and an Australian she’s Australian right don’t miss label her make sure she’s from Australia and not New Zealand Australian model DJ recording artists actress television presenter okay great that makes me think if she’s Australian she probably knows Amy who’s lovely talking because not 1910 I know Demi I feel like it may have something to do with our last video but something has gone out at me I actually like her music we have either I don’t sexualize her I like her art her creative thought her process I find she’s quite inspiring through her lyrics also she’s got an absolutely tremendous voice and ass who else would be in your team time I would have Cara Delevingne it oh good shower because I actually think I really like Cara I do I really like I do Fletcher where is he’s been trolling through Fletcher’s insta Grindr web that’s the beginning did you like any of them not a day to go back all with some gimmicks up like all of them and don’t we love her music mmm right late body yeah I’m not that we ranked women based on what they were like no that’s why she no 10 yeah Christmas Stuart oh yeah because that both hey that i retweeted the other day they wanna get Cate Blanchett’s tears I know I know that was blown out of proportion not really I was gonna say that in Riverdale Cheryl apparently is by that is a know told me that she was by don’t know what she is goodbye representation do you thing alright now it got week but had to wait till 2018 to see someone by on TV oh you don’t know sorry you have a can wait a little bit all of my characters he usually dead by season to you Torino she’s gonna end up with a man later so when name implies I think we need more bisexuals in the world when are you gonna take me on a date to an outdoor cinema where you pull the car in and then the kiss and the car well I thought we were having a discussion that was relatively adults of us but now it’s it’s my birthday soon okay what do you want your birthday I want to get to a drive-in movie every day you want something different you said I want to go for a nice romantic meal I want to go usually up the maze I want to go get some in the zoo I want to go to Disneyland Paris yeah I want to have a barbecue we need a barbecue doesn’t lose me in the maze oh I can only try my hardest why it’s like all the team turned start game would be chess is exactly why so basically my team 10 has been orchestrated so that people start pairing off I want to take Karen off I mean like in groups of 10 what’s the point of 13 10 what do we do together we let the furniture holy let’s superheroes we could all have alright like superhero strength which is being hot I’ll carve the Demi Demi would you you just heard damn you doing the grinding wasn’t it yeah baby wait to be hypothetical I know it doesn’t like you there is no need to be jealous no no no no yeah Ellis like that time in LA when that guy started coming on to you totally ignored me haha well I thought that happened with you when we gather around happens at a restaurant yeah when he was like I saw you looking at me and you’re like I didn’t notice you it was like it was like we had a I was like you know I kicked myself I didn’t follow up on this cuz we have a connection you’re like you’re like married – well that’s really sweet alright we’ll see that sweet I appreciate Wow you say that I’ve got spit string I appreciated how polite he was and respectful you know he wasn’t just like killer tips which no one would ever say but all I’m saying I’d say yeah babies – call me daddy tips in in college in college just they were triangle shapes one person or was everyone really why are you looking at your boobies well so why like knife in at perky and the carlile she came out with it hello we’re still friends it’s fine come on in our teen 10 all right do we take a lesbian youtuber just to be kind no we’re the less than youtubers in this group sorry I imagine us all to be wearing like like today and like like a margin film yeah you know and then and there Kalani flies in or Kalani will look over one of these things and like oh right what I’m kind of a vacation yeah I love that yes she never really got and being like this and being like yeah I stole the diamond I can’t get into oceans alive and I’m in I’m in 11 calls with all these locations eight if they dropped a few people these drops of men Ruby Rose right she can drive a tank because I feel like she would be based on the ground in a dank maybe Christina’s power yeah all being her eyeballs so as she looked at people’s boobs without them knowing they would naturally be drawn to ya games actually control people like Ted path ecclesial her eyes yeah I think we should just add in Taylor Swift for good measure because what is there like a big group of women without Taylor Swift like that’s such a question like what are they without a name you’re right yeah you’re right so there Billy although I feel like I’m slightly offended by that became I thought our team 10 was just fine without her but now I feel like she brings something different yeah so okay the Bob’s Taylor Swift an interesting and good call and her power would be the power of high height I feel like she’d keep motivate the group yeah yeah I feel like she keeps okay I’m raising weight we’ve given all the others really gets to a power you can’t give Taylor Swift the superpower plight okay empowerment female from HR okay you want to be like Oh Taylor Taylor you could be our HR department I’m intense we can do it make sure everyone gets along fine fine she can stop few to Vietnamese our enemies team eight come here we go Kalani Ruby Rose don’t evoke a Taylor Swift Kristen Stewart Lauren and Camilla Lauren and Camilla and wait was capable hard I mean that’s what we can have uu+ we’ve got I love that we added Taylor Swift in honestly we need a backup we need a few backups that didn’t quite cut it if you don’t cup Satine Sunnyview in or out with none of us it is what it is you don’t have my backup superheroes over in the squad or they’re not yes you do have backup superheroes no you don’t like you name one okay well I’ve never watched x-men but the only one I give a about is Wolverine no one gives a about cyclops whose Cyclops I don’t know I put that right I I don’t think so I don’t know probably gonna offend someone oh you know he’s porn sites you can’t say that about him that’s our team 10 and I think Taylor Swift and I might be friends by the end of the year is that your goal it’s like Corey’s not desperate anything I just think well just say no she makes wishes come true I feel like tears what’s inside person to make wishes come true so if you’re like oh I really want them to be friends to taste if I feel like she does your brows I feel like she does a lot of people I usually hate for people to go to university and stuff like that look I’d like to go to university Taylor you went to university yeah it was a specialist art college I feel like it was me uni you can make it Ivy League that’d be great I just want to have a bathtub pitcher Camilla Taylor Swift and me that is my guy I think that would be really good can I be in the bath is it closed or alright guys I promise my hope you agree with that team and if you didn’t or if that’s the one you would pick or that we missed out make sure to leave it in the comments below I don’t forget next week is our big big videos no I’m super excited for our new house tour and triple announcements to make sure you stay tuned they’ve kept my coin subscribe we will see you soon bye my friends don’t wear clothes in front of each other that’s true I actually agree with that I agree with it too I only speak the truth you

We Need To Talk About Asian Mental Illness (BetterHelp)

Heard a lot of people say “He’s 22.” but b*tch I’m 24 and I knew better at, like, 15 so stop making excuses for people who do shitty things and make millions of dollars for it. Hey friends. Long time no see. Today’s video is sponsored by BetterHelp so definitely stick around till the end of the video because it’s a really cool service and happens to be relevant to what we’re talking about today. Go figure. It’s almost like I planned it. We’re gonna be talking about mental health today and funnily enough the reason I was gone for so long is because I was taking a little mental health break so I’m just, like, super on-brand.

So by now, because I’m super late to talk about this, you probably know about a certain YouTube star who posted some pretty f*cked up shit on his channel. I don’t wanna give this Youtuber any more recognition because unfortunately he’s already gained a ton of subscribers from this. This is actually one of his best months ever which is, uh, upsetting. So we’re just gonna call him, uh, Shmogan Shmaul. We know who I’m talking about. I don’t know why I’m not using his name because you know who I’m talking about. Essentially Shmogan Shmaul was travelling and vlogging in Japan and he visited a forest that is commonly known as a place where people commit suicide.

While he was there Shmogan and his friends happened upon a recently dead body and instead of calling the authorities, or taking it seriously uh, they decided to film it and post it to his millions of young subscribers. Made a lot of jokes about it while it was happening. It was really f*cked up. I know when people are uncomfortable or don’t know how to handle something they’ll sometimes make jokes as a coping mechanism but… uhhhhh… There’s definitely a conversation to be had about YouTube stars kind of recklessly influencing younger audiences but I’m sure there’s already been a million videos made on that subject, so we’re just– we’re not gonna talk about that. There’s been a lot of really great mental health discussions surrounding this in a general sense but I haven’t seen a lot of people talking about mental health stigma specifically in Asian communities.

I’m Japanese American, so I’m gonna be speaking from an American perspective but I’m gonna link to a couple of Japanese Youtubers who also made videos about this from a Japanese perspective. Little bit of backstory, mental illness definitely rampant in my family and thankfully they’ve been pretty supportive about it. I’ve never really felt stigmatized or shamed by my family for seeking out treatment for depression and anxiety.

However after reading a lot of responses from other Asian American folks who reached out to me with their stories I realized that my experience isn’t necessarily the norm. Here’s a little bit of background on mental illness in Asian American communities and if you’re interested all of my sources are gonna be linked below. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for Asian Americans aged 15 to 34. However relative to other US populations Asian Americans are three times less likely to seek out mental health services.

I’ve been doing some research on this and there are actually a lot of reasons why this is unfortunately the reality and I think it’s important that we talk about it. The most commonly cited reason for this is language barriers and lack of culturally competent mental healthcare. As you might know a large portion of the Asian American community are made up of immigrants. I can relate to this because my dad is a first generation Japanese Brazilian immigrant. Unfortunately there is not a lot of research or information about Asian Americans or Pacific Islanders with limited English in regards to mental illness. That’s definitely part of the reason why there are limited culturally competent resources for Asian Americans and not just Asian Americans but other ethnic communities as well. Another big reason for this is that mental illness is still considered taboo in a lot of Asian cultures. According to studies Asian Americans and Asian American women in particular don’t seek out mental health resources because most therapists and psychiatrists don’t understand the complex ways in which their mental illness, and their family, and their culture intersect.

According to a study called breaking the silence a study of depression among Asian American women “Feeling responsible, yet unable to meet biased and unrealistic standards set by families and society contributes to low self-esteem among Asian-American women.” “Asian-American women witness depression in their families but have learned from their Asian cultures to maintain silence on the subject.” “Asian-American women fear stigma for themselves, but more so for their families.” This makes sense to me because a lot of Asian cultures are collectivist. So if you consider mental illness a “weakness” then it doesn’t just reflect poorly on you it reflects poorly on your whole family.

Because of this Asian Americans statistically tend to dismiss, deny, or neglect their symptoms and don’t seek out treatment. However it’s not necessarily a refusal of treatment more so a lack of awareness of mental health resources that exist. Part of the reason for this is language barriers, which I mentioned earlier but also there’s not a lot of outreach from mental health providers to our community specifically. For a lot of Asian Americans they tend to stay within their own communities and they don’t know about resources outside of that. So this is the part of the video where I talk about BetterHelp as an important mental health resource. I’ve worked with BetterHelp in the past, and I think they do really great work and I appreciate their services a lot. What I like about BetterHelp is 1. It’s super affordable compared to your standard therapy options. For a lot of therapists it’s not uncommon for a single visit to cost between a hundred and two hundred dollars and BetterHelp can be as low as $35 a week which is more accessible to a lot of people. Second thing I really like about BetterHelp is that you can communicate with a counselor or a therapist via message, live chats, phone call, or video message.

If you’re like me then phone calls can sometimes give you anxiety so it’s nice to have a variety of options. It’s super simple to sign up all you have to do is answer a short questionnaire. There are questions like “What is your gender?” and they give the option for non-binary, which is really cool. They even ask about sexual orientation because if you’re LGBT then you know that finding a LGBTQ friendly therapist is not the easiest task. And that’s it and then you’ll be matched with the therapist in under twenty four hours. So if you’re someone who has struggled with mental illness, and you haven’t been able to access therapy then definitely check out the link below and sign up. Here’s a list of the incredible people who support me on Patreon and make my work possible. If you would also like to help support me and have your name mentioned in a future video my Patreon will be linked below and it’s got a lot of cool perks so definitely check it out.

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