LGBTQ inclusion – Tips for Elementary Teachers

We’re here today to talk about LGBTQ inclusion in your classroom and what you can do. Now there are a couple of simple tips – I think this is a topic where people get really overwhelmed – they’re really concerned about doing it the right way. We get into education because we are passionate about helping the next generation succeed, about creating global citizens and educating our young people so the best way that we can create great people, excellent leaders, and good human beings moving forward is to give them the space that they need to be their authentic selves starting at a young age. so I’m going to give you a couple of tips right now of how you can start to create more inclusive spaces in your classrooms.

Now these are tips that you can do individually without institutional support. Tip number one: learn the facts. On average more than 50 percent of teachers surveyed reported that they were uncomfortable intervening when a student was bullied about their real or perceived sexual orientation and/or gender identity and expression. According to recent survey 95.8% of LGBTQ students heard anti-gay remarks like faggot or dyke at school. Ninety-five point seven percent of young people heard negative remarks about gender expression and eighty five point seven percent heard negative remarks specifically about transgender people. Eighty five point two percent of LGBTQ students reported that they were verbally harassed, 27 percent reported that they were physically harassed, and 13 percent reported being physically assaulted at school in the past year because of their sexual orientation. And nearly 58 percent of LGBTQ young people reported feeling unsafe in school because of their sexual orientation. These statistics are alarming and it shows that LGBTQ people do not feel safe in school. This alone should be motivation for us to take action. Number two: learn the language. Without having the language or the terminology, we can’t begin to have these conversations inclusion and respect.

So the next step for you as an educator is to become more aware of what the current terminology is regarding sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. Our young people are constantly coming up with words that feel authentic to describe their identity and so that language may be very different than the language that you and I learned growing up. So it’s our responsibility as educators as we grow away from that school age to educate ourselves on the terminology that’s current and being used right now. The next step is to train and educate people around you.

If you are part of an organization of teachers or of educators and you have some influence, if you have a professional development group or school in-service days, advocate for LGBTQ inclusion training for your fellow teachers. The next step is to disrupt anti-LGBTQ behavior or comments as soon as you see them. So if we hear or witness anti-LGBTQ remarks or behavior and we do nothing to intervene that sends a very clear message that we think that’s acceptable and for any LGBTQ young person. It’s important that we step in and shut that behavior down immediately. It’s important to send a message to the entire classroom that using anti-LGBTQ remarks making jokes or teasing or bullying young people based on their real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity is unacceptable in your classroom. The next step is to integrate LGBTQ topics into your curriculum.

Don’t wait for National Coming Out Day or Day of Silence to talk about LGBTQ issues; integrate it into the rest of the chapters just as you would with any other piece of history. There are gay scientists and lesbian mathematicians and queer people across the world who are doing amazing things it’s important to send the message that LGBTQ people are as a part of the fabric of our nation as any other person. The way that we do this is by providing this visibility throughout the entire academic year and not just designating LGBTQ topics to one or two special days or special events or a theme week in your school.

Another good tip is to set policy or to advocate for policy to be set. Now policy change is hard – I get it. I know by working in in higher education for 11 years that to actually get a policy set or to see change on paper can be really challenging but with your advocating for that in your position as an educator, it will send a message to your boss, your other administrators, to your school district and other stakeholders that this is important for the education of our young people. Another great tip is to be public about your support for your LGBTQ students and for students to be allies. Now there are a lot of different ways that you can do that but visual signs of support will help a student know that your classroom or you are safe space. It could be something as simple as posting a sticker of a rainbow flag in your classroom or by wearing a rainbow pin, by talking about and recognizing LGBTQ people and events of significance when they happen.

It’s going to make a huge difference for those students who are looking for that. It’s also going to create an environment and a culture of inclusion and respect amongst your students and hopefully in your school. This is just the tip of the iceberg. These are just a few things that you can do to create more inclusive spaces in your classroom and for your students so I encourage you to continue to create safer and more inclusive spaces for all of the young people in your classrooms. If you have questions please leave them below or feel free to contact me on social media – @TheChrisMosier.

I’ll be happy to give you more resources, book recommendations, survey information, help you write policies, anything I can do to create these safer spaces for our young people to show up and feel supported and that they can really just be themselves. Thanks for listening. Catch you next time. .


being spa where you are so a lot of really exciting things are coming your way you guys are number one next week’s video is going to be a pretty big one because not only and you guys gonna get a brand new hostel but we’re also going to give you a triple announcement I want to talk about why we’re on the wrong size as long as he makes me feel a bit seasick speedfit yeah sitting still and there’s no motion makes me feel seasick I’m what are getting a migraine – it is okay we’re sitting on this side because I thought why not change things that I may not want tell the truth three cluster spots right here you could have just shown them out in the last video me it’s not that I have shame it’s just that the triplets aren’t ready to be exposed to the internet yeah okay they have to have consent to unique that what you can do is throw a baby on the internet when you have one so even if you swim Rafi but and it turns out Kalani watched some of our reaction video yeah interesting that’s net and then then I said you want to be besties that’s exactly happened yeah and I saw that really raised at least oh yeah yeah putting on the conversation yeah yeah yeah so it got me thinking Rosie yeah now that we’re you know expanding our friendship group yeah I thought wouldn’t it be cool if you and I put together the ultimate team ten I thought Christmas – it was gay but apparently she’s bi but then on SNL she said I’m gay dude yeah but gala is that an umbrella term yeah I’m confused I’m not ignorant I’m just confused no just no excessive ignorant you just tried it if anything you’re trying to determine her exact sexuality so as not to be a current it’s family I would never want to label anything come on let’s hurry up let’s go for it everyone like bit of controversy don’t think oh why is he looking at me because you’re I’d say at the two of us the mental math I think people think that by I see I don’t cry I’ll be angry forever and hold a grudge and I’ll climb back down and like make up and then you well I don’t raise my voice the only thing I raise is my game you raise the stakes babe yeah if stakes renfa’s voice what i noticed dad Janey doesn’t buy me with boys what does I you didn’t you said I don’t raise my voice I raise the game I ain’t riding what’s wrong the roles are reversed now that we’ve changed positions I’d be the clever one I’m looking at what Kalani said her sexuality is on Twitter she said I’m queer not by not straight I’m attracted to women men really attracted to queer man non-binary people intersex people trans people lil poly pansexual Pappy hello good morning does that answer your question so she’s quiet I like that okay so come on he’s gonna be on our team ten but not just because she’s queer because she’s really cool man cuz she’s an our friend and she’s hot Ruby Rose on the team yeah because we need a DJ and an Australian she’s Australian right don’t miss label her make sure she’s from Australia and not New Zealand Australian model DJ recording artists actress television presenter okay great that makes me think if she’s Australian she probably knows Amy who’s lovely talking because not 1910 I know Demi I feel like it may have something to do with our last video but something has gone out at me I actually like her music we have either I don’t sexualize her I like her art her creative thought her process I find she’s quite inspiring through her lyrics also she’s got an absolutely tremendous voice and ass who else would be in your team time I would have Cara Delevingne it oh good shower because I actually think I really like Cara I do I really like I do Fletcher where is he’s been trolling through Fletcher’s insta Grindr web that’s the beginning did you like any of them not a day to go back all with some gimmicks up like all of them and don’t we love her music mmm right late body yeah I’m not that we ranked women based on what they were like no that’s why she no 10 yeah Christmas Stuart oh yeah because that both hey that i retweeted the other day they wanna get Cate Blanchett’s tears I know I know that was blown out of proportion not really I was gonna say that in Riverdale Cheryl apparently is by that is a know told me that she was by don’t know what she is goodbye representation do you thing alright now it got week but had to wait till 2018 to see someone by on TV oh you don’t know sorry you have a can wait a little bit all of my characters he usually dead by season to you Torino she’s gonna end up with a man later so when name implies I think we need more bisexuals in the world when are you gonna take me on a date to an outdoor cinema where you pull the car in and then the kiss and the car well I thought we were having a discussion that was relatively adults of us but now it’s it’s my birthday soon okay what do you want your birthday I want to get to a drive-in movie every day you want something different you said I want to go for a nice romantic meal I want to go usually up the maze I want to go get some in the zoo I want to go to Disneyland Paris yeah I want to have a barbecue we need a barbecue doesn’t lose me in the maze oh I can only try my hardest why it’s like all the team turned start game would be chess is exactly why so basically my team 10 has been orchestrated so that people start pairing off I want to take Karen off I mean like in groups of 10 what’s the point of 13 10 what do we do together we let the furniture holy let’s superheroes we could all have alright like superhero strength which is being hot I’ll carve the Demi Demi would you you just heard damn you doing the grinding wasn’t it yeah baby wait to be hypothetical I know it doesn’t like you there is no need to be jealous no no no no yeah Ellis like that time in LA when that guy started coming on to you totally ignored me haha well I thought that happened with you when we gather around happens at a restaurant yeah when he was like I saw you looking at me and you’re like I didn’t notice you it was like it was like we had a I was like you know I kicked myself I didn’t follow up on this cuz we have a connection you’re like you’re like married – well that’s really sweet alright we’ll see that sweet I appreciate Wow you say that I’ve got spit string I appreciated how polite he was and respectful you know he wasn’t just like killer tips which no one would ever say but all I’m saying I’d say yeah babies – call me daddy tips in in college in college just they were triangle shapes one person or was everyone really why are you looking at your boobies well so why like knife in at perky and the carlile she came out with it hello we’re still friends it’s fine come on in our teen 10 all right do we take a lesbian youtuber just to be kind no we’re the less than youtubers in this group sorry I imagine us all to be wearing like like today and like like a margin film yeah you know and then and there Kalani flies in or Kalani will look over one of these things and like oh right what I’m kind of a vacation yeah I love that yes she never really got and being like this and being like yeah I stole the diamond I can’t get into oceans alive and I’m in I’m in 11 calls with all these locations eight if they dropped a few people these drops of men Ruby Rose right she can drive a tank because I feel like she would be based on the ground in a dank maybe Christina’s power yeah all being her eyeballs so as she looked at people’s boobs without them knowing they would naturally be drawn to ya games actually control people like Ted path ecclesial her eyes yeah I think we should just add in Taylor Swift for good measure because what is there like a big group of women without Taylor Swift like that’s such a question like what are they without a name you’re right yeah you’re right so there Billy although I feel like I’m slightly offended by that became I thought our team 10 was just fine without her but now I feel like she brings something different yeah so okay the Bob’s Taylor Swift an interesting and good call and her power would be the power of high height I feel like she’d keep motivate the group yeah yeah I feel like she keeps okay I’m raising weight we’ve given all the others really gets to a power you can’t give Taylor Swift the superpower plight okay empowerment female from HR okay you want to be like Oh Taylor Taylor you could be our HR department I’m intense we can do it make sure everyone gets along fine fine she can stop few to Vietnamese our enemies team eight come here we go Kalani Ruby Rose don’t evoke a Taylor Swift Kristen Stewart Lauren and Camilla Lauren and Camilla and wait was capable hard I mean that’s what we can have uu+ we’ve got I love that we added Taylor Swift in honestly we need a backup we need a few backups that didn’t quite cut it if you don’t cup Satine Sunnyview in or out with none of us it is what it is you don’t have my backup superheroes over in the squad or they’re not yes you do have backup superheroes no you don’t like you name one okay well I’ve never watched x-men but the only one I give a about is Wolverine no one gives a about cyclops whose Cyclops I don’t know I put that right I I don’t think so I don’t know probably gonna offend someone oh you know he’s porn sites you can’t say that about him that’s our team 10 and I think Taylor Swift and I might be friends by the end of the year is that your goal it’s like Corey’s not desperate anything I just think well just say no she makes wishes come true I feel like tears what’s inside person to make wishes come true so if you’re like oh I really want them to be friends to taste if I feel like she does your brows I feel like she does a lot of people I usually hate for people to go to university and stuff like that look I’d like to go to university Taylor you went to university yeah it was a specialist art college I feel like it was me uni you can make it Ivy League that’d be great I just want to have a bathtub pitcher Camilla Taylor Swift and me that is my guy I think that would be really good can I be in the bath is it closed or alright guys I promise my hope you agree with that team and if you didn’t or if that’s the one you would pick or that we missed out make sure to leave it in the comments below I don’t forget next week is our big big videos no I’m super excited for our new house tour and triple announcements to make sure you stay tuned they’ve kept my coin subscribe we will see you soon bye my friends don’t wear clothes in front of each other that’s true I actually agree with that I agree with it too I only speak the truth you

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– Next week, on the 400. – I love you. – I love you, too. – Yes! Maggie, Lily didn’t die this week. (upbeat music) – You know, you look very nice today. – Thank you. Are you flirting with me? – Yeah, yes, yes I am, thank you. – You know the new girl, Cara? – Yeah. – Do you know what, like, her deal is? – Well I heard that she broke up with her girlfriend like a couple weeks ago, but… – So one could argue that she’s like, queer? – Yeah, I mean I think so.

– This guy needs to stop. – So could I get your number? – Actually I’m a lesbian. – And here come the gross comments. – That’s chill, talk to you later. – So do you have a boyfriend? – Um… – Or a girlfriend? Or a partner? – No, I’m telling you, Kristen Stewart’s gay. – No, she’s dating Robert Pattinson. Their love is eternal. Kristen Steward and girlfriend Soko hold hands. – Told ya. (upbeat music) – And their love is eternal. – Totally wishin’ she had pussy. (laughing) .

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a few months ago I was out we’re used to live in West London and we experience the LGBT hate crime for the first time I decided to report this to me so many people were surprised that this actually happened really it’s an issue that we face all the time as queer people we regularly get people shower up industry make comments stare down us whisper about affirmative this is a real problem LGBT people are facing which is why we need MPs to improve legislation on hate crimes against LGBT people they should be treated as any other hate crime you .

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– So I guess this is good… bye. Hey, you still have my Buffy season two DVDs! You bitch. – Aw, Britt, don’t look so sad. It’s been like a month since she’s broke up with you. Come on, you gotta get back out there. – I went on, like, three dates last week, and they were all failures. – What happened? Were they horse lesbians? – No, this was actually a blind date that I had high hopes for. You know, got my puss waxed for it. But I get there, and she’s practically my twin. Like, I’m narcissistic, but I’m not gonna have sex with myself. – It could be fun though.

You guys could like, trade lives like in The Parent Trap. – That was a good movie. – Yeah, but what about your second date? What was wrong with her? Was she a CrossFit lesbian? Like show up with a tractor tire and a kettle bell? – No, second one was actually going really well until her ex-girlfriend showed up out of nowhere and declared her undying love for her and that she built her house with her bare fucking hands. – Aww, that’s so romantic. – U-Haul! Typical. – What about the third date? Lucky number three? – No, that was the worst of all. – But it looks like it’s going so well. – No, look closer. We have the same name. Hi, my name is Brittany, and this is my girlfriend, Brittany? That’s disgusting. What would that wedding invite look like? – I mean, have you tried online dating? – Yeah. I’ve swiped ’til the end of Tinder.

Do you know what that feels like? – No! – We met in person. – Like, years ago. – Yeah, before Tinder. – I’m sure there are plenty of single lesbians left for you in this town. – Yeah, we have a lot of single lesbian friends. – Like Jacqueline! Ok, I met her and a feminist friend. She’s very empowered. She talks about vulvas and how they mean something more than what we think they mean. – No, she hooked with my ex like two years ago at Dina. – Hold on to your taco shell because here comes Cynthia! – Oh, she’s great. – Yeah, I know she’s great. I dated her. – We have a bunch of straight girls who I feel like if you got them a glass of wine things would get a little crazy, right? Like Marsha? – No, I’m done with the whole straight girl thing.

I can’t do that anymore. They think my clit is a pencil eraser. – No, I know that my sister would sleep with you. – She said I was pretty for a lesbian once. I just wanna find a nice, available, single woman who knows she’s into other women that’s done experimenting, isn’t going to move into my apartment after two weeks, hasn’t, you know, slept with people I’ve slept with. Is it really that difficult? Thank you. – What are you reading? – I know, I’m a stereotype. – Ooh, yikes, me too. – Oh, incredible. – But at least you’re – not alone. – ‘Sup? You Brittany? I’m Jean. .

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– Why is my sexuality “a lifestyle”? – Why do you call it a lifestyle? – Like choosing to wear a dress? – He lives by the beach, that’s his lifestyle. – It’s not really a lifestyle. It’s just my life. Why is that when you find out that I’m gay, you think that I want you? – Standards, first of all. – Everyone has a type. You might not be their type. – Don’t flatter yourself. – Why are you so worried about how I’m going to have kids? – Why does it matter if I’m going to have kids or not? – Technically, the world is overpopulated and me not reproducing is helping you out. – So if I want to have kids, I’m pretty sure I can figure it out. – Why do you feel the need to ask who’s the man and who’s the woman in the relationship? – Last I checked, we were both women.

– That’s why we’re together. Both have lady parts. – Why do you get offended if people ask if you’re gay? – Why would you be offended that someone thinks you’re gay? – I don’t get offended when people think I’m straight. – I mean, I kinda do. – There are worse things. How does it feel to be accurately represented in everything? – Every single show and film ever. – Why is your definition of diversity a gay white man? – I can’t think of anyone who reminds me of me. – The most that I had was Buffy. And she was straight. – Sailor Moon would probably be the closest representation of a young gay Asian. – Why is it that you have such a large dating pool? – But still a really high divorce rate? – Because it’s real marriage because it’s heterosexual. – Why do you have to call it a gay wedding? – It’s just a wedding. – It’s just a wedding. – Is it just so you can charge us more? – If two black people were getting married, would you call it a black wedding? Why do you try to set us up with the very next gay person you see? – I don’t try to set you up with the other straight guy I know.

– We have Tinder or Grinder. What do gay ladies use? Oh, we don’t have one. Okay, never mind. Thank you for trying to set us up. We need help. – You have to take into account the percentage of women that are interested in women and then those precentage of women who I’m attracted to and then those percentage of women who are attracted to me and then those percentage of women that you know, I have chemistry with and that our personalities line up.

And that’s like three women. Maybe. .