Gay fathers condemned for raising child without ‘mom’: Part 1 | What Would You Do?

JOHN QUIÑONES: Today there are nearly 60,000 adopted and foster children being raised by same-sex couples. ANGELA: Oh she’s so cute! Are you the dad? DAN: Uh, we’re both the dad. We’re married. JOHN QUIÑONES: And married same-sex couples are raising more than 26,000 of those children. ANGELA: Oh. That poor child. KYLE: Excuse me? JOHN QUIÑONES: In New York, where Angela encounters these gay dads… ANGELA: I just don’t think the two men should be raising a child. JOHN QUIÑONES: Gay couples are able to adopt children regardless of marital status. in other parts of the country like Kentucky, for example, Adopting a child jointly was not allowed before gay marriage was legalized in 2015. MELISSA: She’s so cute! Are you the dad? TIM: We’re both the dad. We’re married. MELISSA: Oh that poor child. BRENT: Excuse me? MELISSA: Look if you two wanna be together, that there’s your business, but she’s an innocent little girl. JOHN QUIÑONES: Unlike New York, the state of Kentucky can require same-sex couples to be legally married before adopting. Of course, some people believe same-sex couples shouldn’t even be allowed to marry, let alone adopt a child. You’re in a restaurant, when you overhear a customer criticize these gay parents were adopting and raising a little girl, What Would You Do?™ BRENT: She’s doing just fine…

KYLE: …and we’re a very happy family. ANGELA: She’s just never gonna have the same kind of bond that she would have with a woman. JOHN QUIÑONES: Today, we’re shooting the same scenario in two different places: Orangetown, New York… ANGELA: I just think it’s too much for two men to be raising a child. and Bardstown, Kentucky. MELISSA: Excuse me guys? She’s adawable. Are you the father? TIM & BRENT: We’re both are. JOHN QUIÑONES: These first customers are visiting Bardstown just like our What Would You Do? crew and they decide to grab a bite at Manny’s Kitchen. MELISSA: Don’t you think she should have ayy mowther? BRENT: We’re very happy. TIM: We’re taking care of it, it’s all legal. MELISSA: i don’t think a child should be raised that way. JOHN QUIÑONES: Instead of getting in the middle of the argument… MELISSA: You guys should think about hiring ayy full-tahm female nanny.

JOHN QUIÑONES: …she sits between them. MELISSA: Ay think she needs a female preysence in our life. JOHN QUIÑONES: Blocking our bully’s line of sight! MELISSA: Ma’am, excuse me, but you’re blocking my view. CUSTOMER #1: Lady are you nuts or something? Hey! This lady is annoying me, these other people. We need her to stop! We didn’t come here to be annoyed by you. MELISSA: You want me ta leave? CUSTOMER #1: That would be great JOHN QUIÑONES: He wastes no time answering Melissa’s question. MELISSA: This is unbelievable. JOHN QUIÑONES: Will he answer one of ours? CUSTOMER #1: Thank you.

JOHN QUIÑONES: Hi there, how are you? CUSTOMER #2: Hello. JOHN QUIÑONES: My name is John Quiñones. *rip headphone users* Why did you speak up? CUSTOMER #1: Been in education for a lot of years. The child being happy and well taken care of, that’s the big thing. CUSTOMER #2: She’s probably in a better place than a lot of children are, y’know. JOHN QUIÑONES: It’s a sentiment we hear from other customers. MELISSA: That an innocent child with two gay men raisin’ huurr. JOHN QUIÑONES: The well-being of the child is all that matters. AMANDA: In a normal household. CUSTOMER #3: That’s all what really matters. MELISSA: It’s nahwt right! That little girl growin’ up without a mother Well, yes, but that’s not on purpose they’re doing this deliberately I think that’s shocking Back at the orange town classic diner.

Are you the dad where the dads were married? Oh This customer almost seems entertained By the back and forth, you know, that’s what girl is not gonna have a normal life. She’s fine But as Angela continues she needs a mother Here okay to the real world you have two people celebrating demonstrating fuck You got a lot of nerve, but these are two men Starving to death, I don’t think that they’re gonna have the kind of bond that a mother which is not about your opinion It’s about the welfare of a child with human being The problem in the world is not two men raising a child.

The problem in the world is you making comments like that? We wanted to see what folks would say and you were so eloquent it’s hard to sit back and not say something to defend love How can you not? Man and woman woman and woman man and man two people are taking a child in To help bring that child up in the world and teaching them about love and diversity. It’s a whole new world Back in Kentucky will anyone side with our crude customer? Can you guys believe but they let gay people like those two names adopt children? Despite his own personal beliefs. He still doesn’t approve of her behavior Should gay couples be allowed to adopt a child My opinion no That’s what my Bible says and I want to go by what it says.

It’s a changing world. You said something like that? Well it is you know, the best thing we could do for that lady was to pray for her she had some Haitian heart She did yeah .