Gay Concentration Camps in Chechnya: What Can You Do To Help?

Hey that’s Rowan and in this video I’m going to be talking about the horrendous treatment of gay men in Chechnya this is going to be the first in what I hope is a series of videos on my channel giving you real concrete points of action to take forwards on topics of injustice or suffering that might otherwise make you feel quite helpless to do anything about the situation at the time were filming this video as we know it is that a russian publication broke the news in early april that around 100 gay men in chechnya had been rounded up initial reports said that men have been detained and at least three had died now it’s at least four but with estimates being much more than that initially they said there were two camps but now allegedly there are six that been discovered so many of managed to escape the camps say that they were tortured primarily using electrocution not just as a form of punishment but also to force them to give up the names of other gay men the Chechen president has denied these allegations but he has denied them by saying that there are in fact no gay men in Chechnya at all you cannot detain and persecute people who simply do not exist in the Republic he said police in the country are allegedly advocating for honor killings suggesting that parents take care of their children or they’ll do it for them and that made a protest Russian police detained LGBT activists protesting the treatment of gay men in Chechnya initially Putin denies allegations but has literally just backed an inquiry into the hate crimes in Chechnya this is a horrendous situation but there are some things you can do to help so if you only have one minute you can find a petition there are a number going around but I would suggest at the moment signing the Amnesty International petition which I’ll leave a link to you below you can also donate again there are a number of organizations that are taking donations to do with this such as rainbow railroad which helps LGBT asylum seekers and refugees and the Russian LGBT networks that are helping activists on the ground if you have an hour to spare for the cause then it’s time to get in contact with some people when you get in contact with people about a cause that you care about this might be about putting pressure on them to make a difference in the positions of power that they’re in or it might be about you being ever get more information for example you might want to reach out to your local representative or to the UN ambassador of your country to ask what their stance is what they’re doing about it and hold them to account or if you want to contact people to see other things that you might be able to do to help out in the future I’m going to leave links to different charities that working on this project you give them an email and see how much time that you might be able to commit and see if there’s anything you can do if you have a deal so that you can set aside to help them consider maybe fundraising at your school University or work for example that way you can take the donation that you’re able to do in one minute and extrapolate it out by inspiring that people around you to care about this cause as well another thing you can do in a day is go to a protest there are a number of protests outside Russian embassies recently so make sure you’re always looking out for those and prize season is coming up and pride it’s a perfect opportunity to make your voices heard about the issues surrounding LGBT people worldwide and finally if this is an issue that you want to stay informed and engaged about in the long term I’m going to leave a link below to a newsletter you can sign up to four news as and when it comes up and if this is an issue that you feel extremely passionate about and you want to drive towards with all of your activist strengths then I think it might be worth looking at the situation around LGBT asylum seekers and refugees within your country that might be a more wider context issue which releases into this where they were already the organizations probably within your city or within your community that you can lend your time and effort to on a more long-term basis so as I said this is just stuff that you can do based on the situation right now that’s likely to change so keep yourself informed if it’s something that you care about if you’re involved in a course or organization that you would like me to highlight in one of these videos then please get in contact with me email address that I’ll put in the description and if you do any of the action points that I mentioned in the video please let me know in the comments below until I see you next time bye