Moments That Won’t Make Sense To Straight Girls

– Hey babe, yeah, I’ll pick you in like, 30 minutes. I’m still getting ready. (clipping nails) ‘Kay, see you soon. (heavy bass instrumental music) Katelin, you look amazing today. – Oh, thank you. My boyfriend actually bought me this dress. – Lesbians can’t have sex. – Really? ‘Cause lesbians orgasm 75% of the time during sex, while straight girls only orgasm 61.5% of the time. So, yeah, we can. – Mom, I’ve met a girl. Yeah, she’s awesome. Well, we’ve been on three dates so we uh, bought a shelter cat to celebrate. – I came seven times last night. – Oh, seven times, that’s just rude and excessive. Ugh, honestly. – Hey babe, can you um, put it on? – Yeah, okay.

One sec. (pulling velcro apart) Okay. Sorry, just, just one sec. Um… (pulling velcro apart) Hold on, it’s just, it’s all twisted. It’s just all… – You know what? I can totally turn her straight. (woman sighing) – So before I prescribe you this medication, is there any chance you could be pregnant? – Oh, God no. – Are you on birth control? Do you just have sex with your husband then, is what you’re saying? – Hey Tan, what are you doing? – Looking for a girl who hasn’t dated one of my exes or friends. – Hey guys, I just started watching The L Word.

(girls sighing) – (bleep) Jenny. – Hey Tan, we need a pitcher for our softball team. – What, just ’cause I’m gay you think I play softball? Alright, let’s go. – Do you just keep that on you at all times? – Yeah. .