Methodist church faces LGBTQ policy decisions

There are two big choices facing a church that 400,000 of you call your spiritual home the United Methodist Church is about to decide whether to allow openly gay people to be ordained as members of the clergy and whether the church will perform same-sex weddings John Henry’s on that for us United Methodist Church is the third largest church in America between Baltimore Washington and Virginia they’re roughly four hundred and seventy thousand people who practice that faith in our region right now many of them are keeping their eyes on st. Louis that’s where a pivotal vote will soon take place church leaders will decide between several proposals that will shape how the Methodist Church approaches LGBTQ issues one proposal wants to keep things as they are gay people could not be ordained and the clergy would not be allowed to perform same-sex marriages another idea would remove all of those bands now DC resident and married lesbian TC Mauro is in st.

Louis with members of foundry UMC she would like to see the church be more friendly to the LGBTQ community she said it was just three years ago when she did not get the number of votes needed to become ordained in the church it is frustrating in order to know that so many other people have left the United Methodist Church to put their good talents to use in other denominations and and I hope that regardless of what happens that harm to gay and lesbian people is reduced as much as possible not everyone wants change a prominent Methodist from Memphis recently wrote on his Facebook page that things should stay the way they are that division concerns some that this can all altima tear the United Methodist Church apart or divide it into progressive and traditional wings we’ll just have to see how its leaders vote Leslie .